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Welcome to Worldwide Travel and Tourism by Camping. This websites aims to give an overview to camping as a way of traveling and as a way of life and it is intended to those which have none to some experience in camping, single travelers, families and couples. It aims to provide an overview to camping in the different continents, give an overview on the camping equipment as well as discussing the different options you might have to travel inexpensively.


There are many reasons why camping is a loved activity, hobby and lifestyle by such a large number of people.  Campers experience freedom, a sense of adventure, flexibility, nomadism, quiet time and much more. Camping offers quality stargazing, campfire cookouts, breathtaking scenery, fresh air, great exercise, gorgeous sunrises and spectacular sunsets. Learn a new skill like fishing or photography. Camping is a great way to get in touch with nature and away from the grasp of technology. Regardless of what you like to do, camping is fun for all types of people.

Take advantage of the great benefits that traveling and tourism by camping offers. It is a great way to see the world in an “off the beaten path” style. See all the amazing views the local area has with daily hikes or bike rides from your campsite.  Enjoy quality family time on one of the best pet friendly vacations there is. If you are traveling alone then camping is a perfect way to connect with yourself and find the real you.

One of the best advantages of camping is how inexpensive it can be. Have you ever considered traveling the world but are worried that you do not have the money to do it? Then you should see what camping has to offer. As one of the cheapest modes of shelter, it is a great way to explore the outdoors without breaking the bank. The following articles will cover the basics of camping and what you will need to know when thinking about travel camping around the world.

This website offers and overview about camping in the 5 continents: best of, what to expect and tips to plan your travel.

The Camping in Europe section includes what to expect while there and some amazing campsites such as the Indigo Strasbourg and the Azun Nature. The article also covers the optimal season for camping there. If you are thinking about camping Europe, then start with this article first.

Security While Camping.

Keeping secure while camping is very important. There are many ways you can keep secure, such as making sure your camp grounds are registered and protected, notify friends and family when you decide to  camp alone or in remote places. You can also purchase self defense equipment to carry with you. You can also check your camping location upfront to see if it has reliable security services.

For more information you can visit our page on security services.

Then we have Camping in North America. Similar to Australia, this page covers the best national and provincial parks found throughout North America. The Acadia, Mammoth Cave, Rocky Mountain, Grand Canyon, Grasslands, Sandbanks and Forillon are some of the parks that are highlighted. Know what seasons are best for camping after reading this article.

Next we have Camping in South America. This article covers the best lakes and parks to visit while in South America. The Huechulafquen and Tierra del Fuego are both gorgeous lakes. El Palmar, Pan de Azucar and Radal Siete Tazas are all amazing national parks. As expected, the article finishes out with the best times of the year to go camping in South America.

Camping in Asia offers a great overview of this huge continent, and helps you select the best of, and the most exciting places that Asia has to offer with its scenery and activities. The article also provides useful tour guide websites and campgrounds such as Akha and Baliwoso. You will also learn what seasons are best for camping.

Camping in Australia covers the best national parks to be found in Australia. From Bay of Fires, Blue Mountains, Kwiambal, to Flinders Chase, this article will let you know what to expect when visiting anyone of these national parks. Once again, the optimal seasons for camping are included.

After exploring what to expect when camping in the 5 continents, you should check the section dedicated to the recommended camping gear page, where you can learn how to plan and pack depending on location and climate. From your tent, sleeping bag, clothes, tools, food, fun activities, tech items, to the content in your overnight bag. This article makes sure you have a well prepared check list before you head out camping, and gives you a number of Camping Gear Guides and Packing lists by National Geographic.

Read the beautiful BBC Travel – Camping blog dedicated to showcasing handpicked adventure and camping locations, news and stories.




We are now to the General Camping Guidelines and Advice page. This covers the common do’s and dont’s while camping, how to pick a campsite and what to keep an eye out for. Make sure to leave the campsite how it was or better than it was before you got there. Always let someone know of your plans, be aware of your own strengths, be considerate to the customs of the country where you are traveling, respect its nature and wildlife and have fun, but also make sure you keep safe.

If you are considering traveling for an extended period of time you might want to read the page dedicated to money matters and sustaining oneself financially while traveling, where you can find lots of ideas about diverse ways of making money while on the road camping around the world, suggested ways of finding jobs through online platforms such UpWork, blogging and creating adventure videos about traveling, but and also tips on how to be money savvy while traveling, like using your savings efficiently.

We will also discuss the Future of Camping. We can speculate about what the future holds for camping as a way of traveling the world, how camping gear will evolve according to nomadic behavior patterns as well as the ways in which camping will impact technologies, with a steady increase of hi-tec camping gadgets, providing interactive experiences with the environment through new digital technologies for entertainment, you can even go camping in Virtual Reality with a Google App, not sure this appeals to anyone, but maybe more appealing is to watch Virtual Reality movies or open-source media production. Camping’s future is a bright one.

There are many many websites and blog out there dedicated to travel. Here’s a 50 Must-Have RSS Feeds for Travellers, where you find a heap of information; a great platform for creative travel articles is Matador Network and Vagabondish

Please check out the useful links page, where you can find an organized list of websites that will come handy to plan your travels. These links include websites pertaining to camping associations, gear, technology, other interesting articles, campgrounds and camping services. No matter your camping needs, this is the perfect place to finish.


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