Camping in Asia

Camping in Asia offers a unique experience that everyone can enjoy. With some of the best under the stars camping and awe-inspiring views, camping in Asia is hard to beat. Campers can enjoy activities such as hiking some of the highest mountains in the world, kayaking or rafting some of the strongest rivers, biking some of the most beautiful trails or just enjoying the peaceful surroundings that Asia has to offer. The best equipped countries for the ideal camping previously described are Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

When in Indonesia, make sure to consider camping at Mount Rinjani. As part of the famous Pacific Ring of Fire, Mount Rinjani is an active volcano but is an experience of a lifetime to climb and camp it. Stocked with natural hot springs and the gorgeous Segara Anak Lake, Mount Rinjani is definitely worth it. Just seeing the sunrise over the mountain is enough to know you made the right decision visiting here. To climb Mount Rinjani visit They offer an eight day trip which includes four nights of hotel or guesthouse, three nights of camping, food, airport transfer, complete camping gear, vehicles, sightseeing, and more.



                                       Camping & View of  Mount Rinjani

Another amazing place to check out while in Indonesia is the Baliwoso camp. This adventure camp truly provides a traditional Bali experience. Located in the middle of the Indonesian jungle, Baliwoso is perfect for a unique get away. Through the camps programs and activities, the guests are sure to enjoy their stay and get the full experience that Indonesia has to offer.

There are some amazing eco tours available in Thailand. The tour company, All Thailand Experiences, offers an amazing nine day tour that features camping in a rainforest wildlife sanctuary, visiting and riding elephants in an Elephant safari and some of the best white water rafting around. As the company’s name suggest, you truly do get an all Thailand experience when you tour with them.

If you are looking for some camping that is less expensive, Akha Campsite is a great place to stay. You will be staying with an authentic hill tribe village in Chiang Rai, Thailand. With the panoramic view that stretches for miles on miles and the interactions with the charming tribe, Akha is a steal for $10 a night. All money goes directly to the host family, so you are helping others out and they are happy to have you stay with them.

One place to be sure to visit while camping in Asia is Mount Pulag located in the Philippines. It is the third highest mountain in the Philippines, but has some of the most spectacular views. Well known for its sea of clouds, Mount Pulag gives its visitors a breathtaking view of the Milky Way Galaxy while being able to see the clouds below you. It is truly a magnificent phenomena.

If mountain camping is really the experience you are searching for while camping in Asia, then perhaps you should camp the Subic Beach on Tikling Island. This different style of camping presents a new and fun experience. Go cliff diving, snorkeling, relaxing on the beach, or swim the crystal blue waters. No matter what you do, you will thoroughly enjoy your stay while on Tikling Island.


                                        Akha Hill