Camping in Europe



                            Illas Atlánticas de Galicia National Park, Spain

If you are looking for some of the best camping in the world, then Europe is the place for you. There are around 10,000 campgrounds, so your preferences can be met down to a tee. From inexpensive to extravagant, community-based to secluded getaway, technology free to RV-filled and complete with wifi hot spot, Europe’s campgrounds have it all. With over half of the 10,000 campsites, France, Germany, and the Netherlands seem to be the best equipped Countries for beautiful scenery and safe camping.

When camping in France, make sure to consider the Indigo Strasbourg campsite. Located in the heart of the Strasbourg National Park and less than three miles from the historic Strasbourg shopping center, the Indigo Strasbourg campsite offers both a quaint getaway and enough activities to keep pretty much anyone more than satisfied. For an average of about $22 a night, you can enjoy peace and quiet at the campsite or take an enjoyable, sightseeing bike ride downtown and check out the Notre-Dame Cathedral among many other amazing attractions.

If a secluded getaway with breathtaking panoramic views is more of what you are looking for, then the Azun Nature campsite in France is for you. This amazing campsite is located in the Pyrenees countryside near the Pyrenees and Gavarnie national parks. At about $25 a night to camp, the Azun Nature campsite offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the world for an extremely affordable rate. Indigo Strasbourg and Azun Nature are just two of over 2,700 campgrounds in France.

As previously mentioned, Germany is another amazing country to visit for camping. With over 1,100 campsites, Germany has some of the best maintained and picturesque parks in Europe. The Kleine Bergoase campsite is a perfect example. Located in the Sächsische Schweiz national park, Kleine Bergoase provides a natural countryside with astonishing panoramic views. For just under $30 a night, this relaxing campsite with its surreal scenery is definitely one to consider.

If you are interested in hiking or mountain biking then Camping Park Hammelbach is a wonderful campground to look into. Open valleys surrounded by dense forests offer diverse paths that vary in difficulty. From a calming hike through the valley to an exciting downhill mountain bike adventure deep in the forest, Hammelbach has some of the best areas to explore in Germany. A night at this fantastic campsite will only cost you $25.

Another country that knows how to camp in style is the Netherlands. Similar to Germany, the Netherlands has over 1,100 campsites so there are plenty of options. For campers that are looking for as much fun as possible, the TerSpegelt park has them covered. With its own water park, indoor beach, miniature golf and recreational lake, TerSpegelt is luxury style camping for around $55 a night.

In comparison to TerSpegelt, Het Koningsdiepa is a cheaper Netherlands campsite that still has beautiful scenery and fun activities to do. For less than $20 a night, campers can enjoy a natural wooded landscape with a river that runs through it. Activities include fishing, hiking, and biking.

One thing to consider after choosing a campsite is what season is best for camping in Europe. Summer is likely the most ideal due to the sunnier weather, but some people might prefer to avoid the tourist rush that comes with summertime. If you do not plan on traveling during the summer and are not sure whether to visit during the spring or fall, take into consideration the activities you are wanting to do. If luscious green scenery with snow-capped mountains in the background is what you would like your view to be, then spring is for you. People interested in hiking or biking might consider fall time because almost all the mountains and trails should be open. No matter where you decide to travel in Europe, a clean and enjoyable campground should not be hard to find!



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