Camping in South America

South America has some of the most astounding camping a person can do. You can camp in luscious forests, next to crystal clear streams and rivers, on the side of huge mountains, in the open fields and more in South America. The countries that seem best equipped to handle the many different styles of camping are Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Uruguay.

When camping in Argentina make sure to consider visiting El Palmar National Park. Walk through jungle paths to peaceful rest benches that overlooks the Uruguay river. Perfect for nature walks, bicycle riding and horseback riding while exploring the jungles of Argentina.

Another place to visit while in Argentina is the Huechulafquen Lake. With a name meaning “long lake” you are sure to enjoy one of the most beautiful and spectacular lakes South America has to offer. Camp at the bank of the lake, in the open hills or on the side of the mountain. No matter where you camp, you are guaranteed amazing views. Biking and hiking the many trails are the popular activities around the lake.

Lakeside Camping Hain in the Tierra del Fuego is a must while in Argentina. This is also a gorgeous lake with some absolutely awe-inspiring views. Take a tour around the lake and surrounding area to get the full experience that Camping Hain has to offer.

Chile is another amazing country to camp in while traveling South America. Plan to visit the Pan de Azucar National Park while in the area. With gorgeous scenery that focuses on hillsides filled with flowers, the mountains in the background or the open Pacific ocean. Campers can enjoy nature hikes, bicycling, fishing, boating, expeditions, kayaking, flora spotting and more at the Pan de Azucar National Park.

The next camping spot to check out while in Chile is Camping La Junta in Los Lagos. Hike to the top of mountains until you are above the clouds and can no longer see the green grass on the valley floors. Very charming eco-friendly campsites, charming landscapes and natural rock slides with crystal clear water at the bottom of them are all waiting for you. Start planning your trip today!

Last but not least, the Radal Siete Tazas National Park is perfect for anything camping related when in Chile. Luscious forests with waterfalls, rivers and streams cover the landscape. The park offers guided excursions and nature walks, premier mountain biking trails, kayaking and some amazing photography.

Ecuador is the next country to visit for some prime camping locations. Look to visit the Cotopaxi National Park. Camp at the base of the world’s highest active volcano. Guided hikes up the volcano are available if you think you can handle the challenging trek. Just relaxing and enjoying the peaceful lake and your campfire is perfectly fine too.

Next try to visit the Pasochoa Natural Reserve for spectacular hiking, bird watching and flora finding. Once again, located near a volcano, campers can walk the valleys up the volcano and view the surrounding landscape for miles on end.

The last country to check out for some awesome camping while in South America is Uruguay. Camping Punta del Diablo is some of the most fun you will ever have. Enjoy a short bike ride to the ocean for some sport fishing or stick around the campgrounds and take advantage of the crystal clear swimming pool. Do not let the name fool you, this park is a piece of heaven.

Similar to the other continents, South America is subject to varying weather patterns depending on the location. Overall, October and November seem to be the best months to visit South America due to several main countries all experiencing spring-like conditions in weather.