The Future of Camping

Camping has been around for thousands of years. Granted, recreational camping has only been around for a few hundred but it is definitely not going away anytime soon. In fact it is on the incline with all the new technology and access to new modes of traveling. With the cost of plane tickets becoming more and more affordable, journeying to a new place becomes realistic for a lot more people. And since camping is one of the most affordable options for shelter, it is an amazing choice for people traveling on a budget or wanting to experience the natural beauty of the outdoors.

The future of camping is a bright one. Literally. With the advancement of new technology, the flashlights and lamps are much brighter and can last a lot longer. No need to burn oil in those old-timey lanterns. Unless you are into vintage camping gear, then by all means, oil lanterns are still a thing. But otherwise, camping gear will continue to evolve alongside the camper’s interests.

Another amazing piece of technology that is revolutionizing camping is solar powered tools. You can now purchase phone chargers, phones, flashlights, lanterns, speakers, generators and plenty more items that are all powered by the sun’s energy. It does not matter whether your campsite supplies power or not when you own a solar powered generator. You will never have to go without electricity! These solar powered devices are the perfect accessory for camping and are only getting better.

Tents are also evolving along with the rest of technology. They are becoming more lightweight, easier to put together and cheaper to buy. With more reliable tents at an affordable price, traveling the world by camping is becoming a very popular option. As mentioned on page eight, inflatable tents that fit inside a small backpack are becoming quite popular. Another tent to check out are modular pod tents. They are a fantastic way to link up all the campers and create a small tent community.

Recreational vehicles are being equipped with more and more of home amenities in order to fit the needs of campers that want to get away from everyday life but do not want to leave the pleasures of home. These RVs have plasma screen televisions, hot tubs, stoves and plenty of other cool extras. There are even solar powered RVs. Travel the country in your home on wheels. RV camps are becoming very popular so it is likely to find one wherever you plan on traveling.

If you are wanting to experience the relaxing wonderment that is camping, but do not want to or cannot go outside, then you should look into virtual reality. Headsets such as the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or Sony PlayStation VR offer an immersive virtual reality experience that allows its users to explore a great number of three-dimensional worlds. Camping in the woods is one of them. Although still rather new, Campfire VR Cardboard is an app available on the Google Play store that is a pretty cool virtual reality camping simulator. There is also a virtual reality app in the making that will allow you to experience Burning Man in real time. Reserve your own virtual reality camping spot and see Burning Man as if you were really there.

No matter your style, camping has something to offer almost everyone. Whether you like relaxing in a hammock, mountain biking through a wooded trail, hiking an open valley or sharing ghost stories by the campfire, camping is great fun for the whole family. And with the advancement of recent technology, even that tech-savvy cousin that hates the outdoors will have the chance to experience camping through virtual reality. Camping is going nowhere.