March 25, 2023

Disney has released the full list of movies and TV shows coming to the Disney+ streaming service in Canada in April.

While it’s an easy month overall, the main event is the success of David Lowry. Peter Pan and Wendy which was filmed in Vancouver, Newfoundland and the Bonavista Peninsula in Labrador and starred Canadian-born Cree actress Alyssa Vapanatak as Tiger Lilly.

See the full breakdown for April below:

April 3

  • American Dad (Season 19) [Star]

5th of April

  • Area21 – Live on Planet Earth (Special Edition) [Star]
  • crossover
  • good mothers [Star]
  • Dad answers [Star]
  • Predator: Bloodlines (Season 1)
  • Susa Signal (Bad Signal) Series (Season 1) [Star]

April 7

  • TinyBeautifulThings [Star]

12th of April

  • Atomu No Ko (Season 1) [Star]
  • Caesar Milan: better man, better dog
  • First Responders (Season 1) [Star]
  • Justified (Seasons 1–6) [Star]
  • Little Mosque on the Prairie (Seasons 1–6) [Star]
  • Pandora: Under Heaven (Season 1)
  • Renervation
  • Ta Tudo Cherto

14th of April

  • Lucky Bunny Oswald (short)
  • Ozur Dilerim [Star]

April 19

  • One (Season 6) [Star]
  • Dr. Jurist (Season 1) [Star]
  • Owl House (season 3, all episodes)
  • My family: S1 (new episode)
  • Mascara Contra Caballero (Season 1) [Star]
  • Mister. Mercedes (Seasons 1-3) [Star]
  • Yang Hylang Dalam Sinta / What We Lose for Love (Season 1) [Star]

20 April

26 April

  • Matilda: The world is at our feet
  • SaintX [Star]
  • Sam: Ein Sax / Sam: Saxon (Season 1) [Star]
  • Project 1619 [Star]
  • Star Wars: A Teenage Jedi Adventure (Season 1, Short)

April 22

  • Dian Fossey: Secrets of the Mist (Season 1)
  • Wild Australia (Season 1)

April 28

April 30

In Canada, a Disney+ subscription costs $11.99 per month or $119.99 per year.

For the full list of movies and shows coming to Disney+ Canada in March, click here.

Image Credit: Disney

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